K7-2000 Peach Stoning Machine

The new Pitting System, operating by compressed air, has eliminated the complexes mechanisms (levers, racks, gears etc.) and the necessity of skilled manpower for the machine setting up.
Moreover, the compressibility of the air has sensitively reduced the stoning knives breakage.
The Feeder and the Fruit Automatic Orientation device of the K7-2000 have been enlarged in their capacity. The Feeder is equipped with a rotating system that assures a continuous and complete feeding to the machine, while, the Automatic Orientation device has improved the percentage of the oriented fruit.

Caratteristiche Tecniche
  • Production: 280 fruits per minute
  • Installed Power: 1,85 kW
  • Water Consumption: 20l/min
  • Air Consumption: 6 Bar 400l/min
  • Made According to Regulations 89/392/EC
  • Length: 5.685 mm
  • Width: 1.400 mm
  • Height: 1.683 mm
  • Feed Height: 772,18 mm
  • Discharge Height: 581 mm
  • Weight: ~2.400 daN
Technical features

K7-2000 working

K72000 peaches pitter machine

K7-2008 and K8-2011 working

OMIP Cutting System

Torsion Cutting System

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