Pulp Extractor for cleaning stones

The “PULP EXTRACTOR FOR CLEANING STONES” is a machine designed to separate the stones from any pulp which has been left attached after the de-stoning procedure.
The machine is made up of a sturdy support frame on which the moving components are secured: a removable perforated drum and a series of spokes and paddle beaters, complete with food-safe rubber straps, attached to a central rotating shaft.
The PULP EXTRACTOR can be fitted with a soundproof chamber.

Caratteristiche Tecniche
  • Model 50P
    Power 5,6 kW
    Producitivity 5 t/h
    Weight 280 Kg
  • Model 80P
    Power 9,3 kW
    Producitivity 8 t/h
    Weight 430 Kg
  • Model 125P
    Power 15 kW
    Producitivity 12,5 t/h
    Weight 620 Kg
  • Model 200P
    Power 30 kW
    Producitivity 20,0 t/h
    Weight 935 Kg

Technical features
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