Peeling Machine

The Machine is suitable to peel oriented and pitted peaches through a chemical solution. It is composed by a tunnel divided into three parts where the product is exposed to the following treatments:
Spraying of the sodic hydrated;
Skin maceration;
Cold washing with water that invests the whole fruit surface, with the purpose to eliminate completely every soda residual. The conveyor belt is made up by a net in stainless steel with wide meshes to allow the complete washing of the fruit from the bottom side.
The Peeler is equipped by the following accessories:
– Heat exchanger for the heating of the hydrate of sodium with automatic regolation of the temperature;
– Pomp for the forced course of the plant;
– Preparation tank for the hydrate of sodium;
– Accumulation tank and recovery of the hydrate of sodium with rotative drum filter;
– Accumulating tank and washing water recovery with rotative drum filter.
The production and technical characteristics vary in accordance with the Client needs, from 3t/h to 12 t/h.
Made according to Regulations 89/392/CE

Caratteristiche Tecniche
Technical features
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