Roller Destoner

The “ROLLER-OPERATED STONE REMOVER” is a machine specifically designed to remove stones from ripe fruit, such as apricots, peaches and plums, at ambient temperature.
In order to remove the stones from cherries or small plums the machine must be fitted with a supplementary extractor unit and roller, to be replaced during the working phases, so that the machine can deal with the smaller sized stones.
The production rate of this machine can go from a minimum of 4 t./hour to a maximum of 20 t./hour.
Naturally, machines with intermediate production rates can also be built (see some of the models indicated below).

Caratteristiche Tecniche
  • Model 40S
    Power 3 kW
    Producitivity 4 t/h
    Weight 480 Kg
  • Model 55S
    Power 4,1 kW
    Producitivity 6 t/h
    Weight 580 Kg
  • Model 80S
    Power 5,6 kW
    Producitivity 8 t/h
    Weight 580 Kg
  • Model 100S
    Power 7,5 kW
    Producitivity 10 t/h
    Weight 820 Kg
  • Model 125S
    Power 7,5 kW
    Producitivity 12,5 t/h
    Weight 1.160 Kg
  • Model 150S
    Power 9,3 kW
    Producitivity 15 t/h
    Weight 1.390 Kg
  • Model 200S
    Power 11,2 kW
    Producitivity 20 t/h
    Weight 2.040 Kg
Technical features
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