KR8 Peach Repitter

The KR8 Peach Repitter Machine machine is a stable one and of a great robustness, manufactured totally in stainless steel.
The rotation of the stoning knives permits to repit peaches with stone problems.
Repit 320 half peaches per minute with any degree of ripeness and any variety (clingstone, freestone and nectarine) allowing to eliminate labor for this operation.
The machine has been designed to make easier cleaning and maintenance operations.

Caratteristiche Tecniche
  • Operation power 4 kW
  • Weight ~19 kn approx
  • Water consumption 20 dm3/min
  • Compressed air necessary 7 Bar
  • Consumption 400 lt/min at 6 Bar
  • Length: 2.900 mm
  • Width: 1.150 mm
  • Height: 1.650 mm
Technical features

Peach Repitter KR8

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