KA3 and KA6 Apricot Stoning Machine

The machine pits apricots in two halves along the suture line and it is suitable to pit fruit even if not perfectly
graded. All parts in touch with fruit are for alimentary and hygienic purposes. The structure is completely in stainless steel.
The apricots, appropriately unloaded into the Feeder, are put into the channels of the Orientation Station that orients the fruits and position them at the ideal cut through appropriate and particular devices. The flexibility of the orientation elements allow the machine to compensate automatically the fruits differences not perfectly graded.
The Cutting Station is made up by a particular circular blade that divides the fruit in two halves leaving the stone intact and loose one to separate from the pulp. It happens, thanks to the oscillating mechanism which is able to compensate the different dimensions of the stone. The fruits are unloaded into the chute (Vibrator only on the model Ka3).

Caratteristiche Tecniche
  • Mod. KA3
    Capacity: 550 fruits per minute
    Size Fruit: from 30 to 60 mm
    Installed Power: 1.5 kW
    Water consumption: 20 Liter per minute
  • Mod. KA6
    Capacity: 1.100 fruits per minute
    Size Fruit: from 30 to 60 mm
    Installed Power: 3.5 kW
    Water consumption: 30 Liter per minute
  • The Stoning Machine is in conformity with the EEC 89/392 Directive
  • Mod. Ka3
    Length: 4.550 mm
    Width: 1.280 mm
    Height: 1.500 mm
    Feed Height: 1.200 mm
    Discharge Height: 710 mm
    Weight: 850 Kg
  • Mod. Ka6
    Length: 3.800 mm
    Width: 2.110 mm
    Height: 1.500 mm
    Feed Height: 1.300 mm
    Discharge Height: 480 mm
    Weight: 1.250 Kg
Technical features
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