K7-98 Peach Stoning Machine

The K7/98 Stoning Machine is a very stong machine. Its operation is entirely mechanical, 1.87 Kw for a great energy saving. It pits 280 peaches per minute, no matter how ripe and of any varieties either cling or freestone. Entirely automatic and continuos operation system. The peaches, discharged by the feeder and positioned into the alveolus of plates composing the belt, then cut by blades and pitted by special knives at a rate of 40 strokes/minute. They fall on the vibrator which separates them from their stones. The maintenance is made easy and cheap due to special material used like aluminium, bronze stainless steel, etc. The machine structure consists of special cast iron for better solidity.

Caratteristiche Tecniche
  • Production rate: 280 fruits per minute
  • Installed power 1,87 kW
  • The Stoning Machine is in conformity with the EEC 89/392 Directive
  • Length: 5.625 mm
  • Width: 1.400 mm
  • Height: 1.585 mm
  • Feed Height: 1.065 mm
  • Discharge Height: 540 mm
  • Weight: ~2100 daN approx
Technical features

K7-98 Working

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