Bins Dumper at Continuous Cycle Mod.RCC 200 Equipped of a destacker and bins stacker

The machine is equipped of an input chain conveyer for the advancement of two piles of ? full of bins stacked (one pile in operation and one pile in the storehouse). It is prearranged with a device for the dumping of bins at different height through an adjustment governor regulator by means of a gear motor and by a lifting rack. Damper frame with a cover and with a containing belt that during its rise it allows the product gradual exit contained by a big motorized brush. Upper exit empty bins device with a store roller for two stacked piles. It is equipped of an electrical panel with a timer for pause and work. The machine structure is in steel section, press rolled and carbon painted, with special bicomponent paint performed at furnace.

Caratteristiche Tecniche
  • Installed power: 13 kW
  • Air consumption: 100 NL/min aprox
  • Power: 380V 50Hz 3 phases
  • Piles of 3 bins with a bins height of 700 mm
  • Production: from 8 to 80 bins per hour
  • Length: 6.400 mm aprox
  • Width: 2.400 mm aprox
  • Height: 4.500 mm aprox.
  • Loading height bins: 500 mm
  • Unloading height product: 1.600 mm
Technical features
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