OMIP SRL, founded in 1971, is targeted to all the canning companies which need to have a more reliable product, built with quality materials and great robustness, where the cost of production, as well as that of the workforce, is minimized. For this reason it is focused in the design and construction of machinery characterized by simplicity of operation, versatility and reduction of costs.


    Research, development and innovation, his constant imperatives, have also allowed to introduce, on the world market, the most modern technologies in the field of pitting, becoming a global reference for fruit processing.

    Future Prospects

    In addition to continuously improving the products already on the market, Omip has the objective of expanding its manufacturing horizons through the design of machinery capable of transforming fruits and vegetables other than those that it is already able to process.
    Apricot pitters mod. KA3 and KA6, the peach Repitter and the Avocado Pitter mod. KAV2 are just some examples of the results obtained thanks to its company policy.


      Its organizational skills and the quality of its products, have allowed it to establish itself on all markets: from the Italian to European, from the South American and Californian ones to those of South Africa and Australia up to the Asian and New Zealand market.
      Today, the use of the latest mechatronic applications, places OMIP a step ahead, hence revolutionizing once again, the sector of pitting fruit.


    O.M.I.P. Company is used to establishing a direct relationship with companies through the representative offices. In this way the client knows that they can rely on the assistance of the head office at all times. Its agents carry out a first assistance and information service in order to keep their clients always well-informed about the latest innovations so that they can be applied to their plants.
    Moreover it is present with its own stands at national and international fairs like the exhibitions of Los Angeles, Cologne, Berlin, ParĂ­s, Barcelona, Parma, Lima, Dubai, Tashkent and Shanghai and it does not forget to participate with interest in the "World Canned Deciduous Fruit Conference" which takes place every two years. It is the most important Organization that allows meetings between the worldwide producers of peach in syrup just to examine the different problems of the sector.


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